A Message from Mayor Dwyer

To all our friends and neighbors in the Town of Monroe, the Village of Harriman, as well as here in our Village of Monroe.

We wish to take this opportunity to gratefully thank Supervisor Anthony Cardone and Mayor Stephen Welle for their financial support in putting on the annual fireworks show this past July 3rd.

We would like to acknowledge them both for their support as we work together in the spirit of understanding, always recognizing the tasks at hand and finding ways to get it done.

We would also like to acknowledge the O.C. Sheriff’s Dept., the Village of Harriman P.D., the Village of Woodbury P.D. and our own Village of Monroe P.D. for all the work they put in to secure and control all aspects of this great event. We thank our Village D.P.W. for the incredible and timely cleanup. Everything was back in place and spotless by the following morning. It was an event that was well received and enjoyed by many thousands of people.

As we continue to celebrate and honor our nation’s birth this month, the founders and their proclamation of freedom, let us pause to give thanks for all that is good about our nation. Let us be cognizant of all that our military and their families do in the name of freedom. Let us acknowledge those freedoms and those rights that we savor and enjoy as Americans, fought with a firm resolve by our military over the past 242 years. Their sacrifices in battle have come at a price, a price that they willingly paid to secure that freedom.

Our founders were diligent leaders striving to frame the very existence and sustainability for that freedom and an independent republic. With pen and paper they pledged to outline and support that freedom and independence.

As I begin my term as Mayor here in the Village of Monroe, the Board of Trustees and I are thankful for these freedoms and for the opportunity to build upon the successes of those men and women who came before us here in the village. We recognize the incredible responsibilities that come with our oath of office. We pledge to work diligently, respectfully and thoughtfully, always striving to achieve our goals and to serve the people of Monroe.

Neil S. Dwyer

News & Important Notes

Monroe-Woodbury Community Coalition (MWCC)
Community officials along with some concerned citizens have formed a new coalition to help educate, support, and raise awareness of the substance and alcohol abuse in our Monroe-Woodbury Community.

Our Coalition, MWCC, realizes that drugs (whether illegal or prescription) and alcohol abuse can be a problem for the young and old alike. Individuals dealing with substance use disorder aren’t always the ones abusing the substance – they can be the families, children, and co-workers watching someone they care about struggle with the disease of addiction.

MWCC's goal is to learn more about our community from our residents, and hear what families are concerned about. By understanding what substances are thought to be most prevalent in our area, our coalition can focus its efforts to give our community help and hope for those struggling with addiction in any capacity. This survey will help us begin to understand more. Thank you for taking a few minutes to fill out this anonymous survey.
Mayor Dwyer & the Board of Trustees

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Neil S. Dwyer
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2018 Farmer's Market
Sundays, June 3 - November 18, 2018
9AM - 2PM

Summer Concert Series

Saturday, July 21st, 7:00pm - The Northern Songs

Saturday, August 4th, 6:00pm - Ian Strauss and 7:00pm - The Pickles
These Concerts Are In Conjunction With the Carnival in Crane Park!
Saturday, August 11th, 7:00pm - Forever Ray

Saturday, August 25th, 7:00pm - Mighty Spectrum Band "The Bruce Springsteen Show"

August 2nd - 5th
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