Introducing the New Covid-19 Care Center

Important Information about the

Let me begin by stating that recent events related to COVID-19, and the outfall from them, are trying times for our residents, our village staff, our police, fire, ambulance departments. Our first priority is to the residents of our village, and as such, we are following the guidelines and protocols on how best to navigate through this for our residents' health, welfare, and safety. We ask all our residents to follow the self guide protocol to minimize exposure, and to learn more preventative tips, by visiting:

Please remember to:

  • 1. Wash hands frequently after you have been in the public.
  • 2. Use hand sanitizer when available, with a minimum of 60% alcohol content.
  • 3. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • 4. Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • 5. Cover your mouth or nose when you cough or sneeze.
  • 6. Wear a facemask if you are sick.
  • 7. Stay home if you are sick, except to seek medical attention.

We ask the public to work with the health department agencies, our volunteer fire and ambulance agencies, our police department, and village employees during the course of these events. This will allow them to be the most efficient in dispensing information and resources. We will continue to offer information to the public as it comes forward to us.

Additionally, I encourage all our residents to join my board and myself to consider supporting our local businesses during this most difficult economic time, which is directly affecting them, and as a result, our community. Consider purchasing gift certificates now that you can use at another time in restaurants, as well as other business services. I, along with my board, have spent the last several days walking through the business community, offering our support and guidance on any issues they may be facing.

I also ask that we all reflect on the strains that this environment is placing on our supermarkets and other retail outlets. Please consider your neighbors and other shoppers when making purchases, as the shortages have very common themes, and the retail model has difficulties maintaining the gap between store and warehouse.

We as a community have shown time and again, through some very difficult periods, charity, goodness, and a sincere concern for each other. Let this be another shining example of who we are.

Very truly yours,

Neil S. Dwyer
Mayor, Village of Monroe

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Coronavirus Update: Ventilators, Price Gouging, Resources

Dear Friends:

I have a few updates regarding the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic that I want to share:

Hospital Ventilators Protected:

I'm relieved to announce that I confirmed there will NOT be a redistribution of ventilators from Orange and Rockland county hospitals to further downstate New York. Given the high positive numbers in each county, the Governor's office made the commitment that I ought to rest assured the redistribution efforts would be elsewhere, further upstate. I reached out to local hospitals and confirmed that, indeed, they have not had any conversations with the Governor's office or State Department of Health regarding redistributing their ventilator stock.

Amidst the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, Governor Cuomo issued an Executive Order a few days ago directing the National Guard to redistribute ventilators and personal protective equipment from institutions “upstate” that don't currently need them and redeploy the equipment to downstate hospitals with the highest need. Our Senate District, of course, includes northern Rockland county, eastern Orange county, and southern Ulster county which is served by St. Luke's in Newburgh.

I spoke with the Governor’s top staff and made it abundantly clear that our Senate District's hospitals are already limited in resources and these life-saving supplies are not to be moved to any other part of the state. It is exceedingly obvious that our Senate District must be treated as a highly-impacted area. I’m relieved that our efforts to preserve our health care infrastructure are paying off and I pledge to continue to advocate for our region’s urgent needs.

Price Gouging:

A number of you have reached out to my office with concerns about price gouging going on in our district. Make no mistake: anyone who is taking advantage of consumers during a time like this ought to be penalized to the furthest possible extent. That's why I'm co-sponsoring a bill in the Senate that would crack down on price gouging during a public health emergency. I recently spoke with News 12 about this.

If you know or suspect someone despicably price gouging, please report it by calling 1-800-697-1220 or:

Orange County Consumer Affairs: 845-360-6700

Rockland County Consumer Protection: 845-364-3901

Ulster County Consumer Affairs: 845-340-3260

In Need of PPE?

My office continues to track organizations that need personal protective equipment (PPE) in our district. If you know of any essential workers who are in need of masks and/or gloves, please contact my office. We are putting together an extensive list.

Unemployment Resources:

I know many of you have had ongoing issues with the state's unemployment website and hotline. Please know that I hear you and am continuing to voice your issues to the Governor's office and Department of Labor. In response to this, the state hired an additional 700 personnel to assist with unemployment claims and increase its capacity. We know that people have had an issue filing, so it is important to note that your claim will begin from when you began unemployment, not when you were able to file.

Please see information here:

1. Unemployment Insurance claims: 888-469-7365.

To mitigate traffic, the Department of Labor is asking those filing a new Unemployment Insurance claim, to apply by day based on the first letter of your last name: A - F - Monday; G - N - Tuesday; O - Z - Wednesday. If you missed your day, you may file on Thurs-Fri-Sat.

2. Unemployment Insurance information can be found here.

Please reach out to my office if you need assistance and a constituent services specialist will help you through the process.

Stay well, take care, and know that my office is here for you: [email protected] / 845-567-1270.

Senator James Skoufis

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Guidance on Reducing Social Density for Local Law Enforcement

****UPDATED March 31 ***
Village of Monroe businesses during CoVID-19

Amendola's call 845-782-4432 to place order

Angelo's Sicilian Trattoria- Open 2-7 Daily Take out Specials Only Order in advance through Facebook or call 781-4641

Anne's Sub 17 -782-4034 delivery $15 minimum through

Bagel Boys 783-7831 -Open 6-3 Take out

Bagel World- Open 7-3 Takeout 783-6983

Bourbon Street Bar and Grill - delivery including alcohol - To view meals visit their Facebook page at or call 845-782-8501 Monday: Closed

Bubble Teaology- Pick-up 395-0071

Captain's Table - delivery and take out including alcohol - 845-783-0209 ext 1 Monday: Closed

CVS - free delivery prescriptions only (restrictions apply) - call (845) 783-7807

El Mentado-Pick-up Delivery is $20 Minimum Call 637-3486

Empire Diner - Curbside pick up free delivery $20 minimum Gluten Free and vegan menu available serving breakfast, lunch and dinner at all times. alcohol - 845-782-2244 Open 11-2 and 5-9

Entre Tierras's- Pick-up and Delivery has $20 Minimum 395-9770

Hops Craft Beer-Burger-Takeout from 4-9. Call 783-3337

Jake's Wayback Burgers pick-up by visiting and selecting their Monroe location. Call 395-0707

Jiffy Stop- Open 5-10 Call 783-3551

K & D Pizza and Deli - delivery $1 fee; $10 minimum - call 845-774-7777

Lake Region Dry Cleaners is offering specials: 10 shirts for $20 and 5 suits cleaned get 1 suit cleaned free.

Lalima's Bakery- Call 395-9169 Curbside pick-up and Delivery There will be a $25 minimum for delivery. All orders need to be in by 7 PM and will be delivered the next day.

La Rancherita- Take out 782-2249

Latinos Restaurant- Pick-up and Delivery has $20 Minimum 595-1686

Little Italy - 782-5934 free delivery and on-line ordering through free app Website

Lucky House- Take out 783-0268

Marina Restaurant & Pizza- Take out 782-4143 Open 11-9 Open til 10 on Fri

Mina's - Pick-up and Delivery has a $15 minimum 238-5680 Door Dash/GrubHub

Monroe Pediatrics- Effective Monday March 23 Office Hours Change:

         Monday, Wednesday & Friday 8 AM-2 PM

         (Well Office 9 AM- 2 PM)

         Tuesday & Thursday: 12 PM-5 PM

         Saturday & Sunday : Unchanged

Monroe Pharmacy offers free delivery and has a drive-thru. During this time, they will deliver, free of charge, OTC items with orders of prescriptions. Medicaid and Medicare have approved 90-day supply of medication. All frequently touched surfaces are disinfected multiple times each day. Store hours are M - F 9am to 8pm; Saturday 10am to 6pm; and Sunday 10am to 3pm. Call (845) 395-0909

Pizzarama- Pick-up and Delivery 395-9966

Planet Pizza - delivery and takeout - call (845) 782-7715

Plum House - 783-0211 delivery and on-line ordering through website

Scalia and Co through Call 395-0906

ShopRite - Guests who are 60 and over can shop between 6Am -7am Store Hours 7 Am-10 PM

Stop N Shop 7:30 am to 8 pm; customers 60 years old and up may shop early morning hours 6 am to 7:30 am.

Subway Express Pick-up through Open 10-8 Call 781-7395

Suzy's Sips and Scoops- Takeout Open 12-9

Tequila Grille- Call 395-9435 Full Menu: Website

Tosco's Pizza -783-2411 Take out and Delivery $2 fee; $15 minimum -

Tre Angelina- 238-5721 Takeout/Delivery Open Tues-Sun

Villa Positano - Pick-up free delivery - call (845) 395-0786

Wally's Ice Cream-Open 11-9 Call 782-5656

Below please find links to helpful information for Local Small Business Owners.

CARES Act and COVID-19 SBA Resources Presentation

Sample Paycheck Protection Application Form

Paycheck Protection Program Loan Calculator (Seasonal Employees)

Paycheck Protection Program Loan Calculator (Non-Seasonal, Non-Operational in 2019)

Paycheck Protection Program Loan Calculator (Non-Seasonal, Operational in 2019)

Please visit Orange County Office of Economic Development for additional information.

Click here for information about Smith's Clove Park: Smith's Clove Park COVID-19/Coronavirus Precautions

The role of Sacred Heart Parish Outreach during COVID-19

  1. The Town of Monroe, under Supervisor Tony Cardone, has offered us 6 Dial a buses and drivers to help deliver food to 70 families. These are the families we are currently serving at our Food Pantry. We have requested his help in obtaining masks for our volunteers. The Journey Church and Mr. Dominick Pascullo have assisted us with developing distribution lists for the drivers, for which we are most grateful.
  2. Our Father’s Kitchen is closed to seating. It is open for takeouts on Wednesday evenings between 4:30 and 5:15, and we will continue to deliver meals to those who are previously on our take out list. This consists of one hot nutritious meal.
  3. Our Mobile Food Pantry continues to deliver a 3-7 day supply of food to those currently on the schedule every Monday and Friday.
  4. Our Food Pantry is now closed to clients. We will be delivering Food to all those for whom we have addresses, every Wednesday. The dial a buses and a volunteer will distribute a 3-7 day supply of food to over 70 families this week.
  5. We will add new families each week as the need arises. If you are not currently on the list, we will include you in our April 1st delivery and future deliveries on Wednesdays. Please email [email protected] and include your name, phone number and address.

Donations can be made several ways:

To make an online donation to Sacred Heart Parish Outreach:

  1. Go to the website of Sacred Heart Church: and click on "Outreach"
  2. Click “Make a monetary donation”
  3. Select make a one time/ recurring donation
  4. Enter amount.

To write a check:

Make check payable to “Sacred Heart Parish Outreach”

Mail to Sacred Heart Parish Outreach
26 Still Rd, Monroe, NY 10950

To add money to our Food Pantry Account at the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley:

Go to (note there is no “the”)

  1. Click on Donate/Volunteer
  2. Click Donate
  3. Click amount to donate
  4. Click donation frequency
  5. Adopt a program Details
  6. Our Father’s Kitchen Food Pantry #2556F

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all those who are helping us to help others. God multiplies what we have to give through your generosity.

May Our Lord continue to watch over us and keep us well.

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I have received from the Monroe Woodbury Central School District the link below which will bring you to a comprehensive and factual review of the COVID-19/Coronavirus and what the current facts are. Please review this information and share with your families. We will continue to post relevant information as we receive it from Orange County Health Dept. and MWCSD.

This is the Link: M-W COVID-19/Coronavirus Updates

Thank you,
Neil Dwyer
Village of Monroe

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